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Must Read if You Are Receiving Unemployment

Californians are getting the short end of the federal unemployment stick due to the $100 minimum state unemployment payment stipulation buried in the executive order that was signed by the President

How you ask? As written right now, in order to receive unemployment in CA, you must keep looking for work, and you must not turn down work if offered to you. The wages earned reduce your unemployment weekly payment, thus, if you were awarded the max ($450), teach a few classes as a teacher for autistic kids at a school that opened up where you earn a total of $351 for the week, your state award will be $99 before taxes. This means you will not get the $300 additional stimulus that week and your only total income that week will not include the unemployment boost ($351 teacher wages + $99 CA unemployment = $450 total).

The reason this applies to Californians is because California's Governor Newsome already said they will not be able to afford to pay those receiving the federal award the extra $100 per week (this is a not related to the previous $100 mentioned in the first paragraph of this post). The program signed into action also said, that the unemployment boost would be funded 75% by the Feds & 25% by the States. The math works out to $300 Federal +$100 State = $400 total possible unemployment boost. Since CA will not be able to afford the $100 per week in that calculation, those on unemployment wouldn't get the state's responsibility portion of the unemployment boost. Some states are going to be able to pay the boost like West Virginia, Montana, & Kentucky. I must say, California keeps looking a little less attractive every day :) and as everything these days, this is probably true- for now.

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